The Importance of Essay Topic

Essay Topic

Winning essay topic is not obligatory the one that is too complex or too wide. To the contrary, a good essay flows from a concise focused topic that is familiar to you or can be easily researched. Good ideas for papers can come from anywhere including news, TV, Internet and teacher’s advice. Yet while deciding what to write about pay attention to following considerations that can boost or hinder your writing attempt.

  • Complexity and focus of topic. It should be neither too broad nor too narrow. You need to cover it sufficiently in a limited paper and to have enough data to support your claim with evidence.
  • Availability of information. Research prior to confirming the topic with your instructor. If you can easily find info or have all materials supplied – go ahead.
  • Some essay topics are interesting but they can be too extensive to be covered in 3-5 or even 10 pages paper. So scale down or choose one aspect that interests you most.
  • Controversy or sensitivity of topics. Depending on where you study and what culture you belong to, some topics may be too controversial for you to present in school or college. Or else, ideas that are normal for you may be too radical or sensitive for other students or teachers. So mind that as well.

Armed with this brief know how choose topic efficiently and get down to writing. Below you will find some useful and interesting paper topics from various spheres of life. Get inspired!

Education Essay

  1. Making schools safer places: guns for teachers and gun-free zones.
  2. Skip it: courses that can be removed from the curriculum without damage to education.
  3. Sex Ed: time to reconsider it in the 21st
  4. The controversial issue of college athletes.
  5. Sports teams on campus: to reduce their significance or to leave as is?
  6. Religion at school: what, when and how.
  7. Should PT classes be optional for students?
  8. Survivor’s Bias: can we learn about success or mistakes from others?
  9. High competition environment in elite universities is damaging students’ health and self-worth.
  10. Relaxation tips for students that help to boosting productivity.
  11. Bullying at school: the best policies that actually work.
  12. Free extracurricular activities: the way to prevent juvenile delinquency and drinking problem.
  13. School dress code and uniforms: the best and the worst solutions implemented.
  14. The endless battle over homework: when parents rebel.
  15. What is better for kids in preschool – free play or supervised and/or learning activities?
  16. Should dancing or playing musical instrument be made obligatory part of the curriculum?
  17. Student loan: can education cost cheaper or be less financially burdensome?
  18. What modern books, plays and movies should be made obligatory to study for all?
  19. Social underpinning of students’ academic failure.
  20. Should online (recorded) courses be made free for all to access and use?

Family Relationship Essay

  1. Tiger Mothering and Helicopter Parenting exposed: real harm done by pop psychology books.
  2. How can families get united again?
  3. Fun family pastimes beyond Netflix and selfies.
  4. Should adult children live with their parents?
  5. Is life over with retirement?
  6. Is it normal to ask grandparents to take care of grandchildren?
  7. Issues that parents and teens argue over most often.
  8. Is it acceptable to bring up girls and boys in different ways and with different motivations?
  9. What ultimate gift would you like to make to your parents?
  10. The most valuable advice you ever received from your parents.
  11. Do Millennials value family less because they get married later?
  12. Is there such a thing as an ideal family? What would the family of your dream look like?
  13. House chores: how to make them less annoying and less hated.
  14. Should parenting roles change as societal roles and expectations change?
  15. Single parents’ struggle: how can they be helped out (and why?)
  16. How family meals affect future food choices and health of children.
  17. Family then and now: compare ideas of family presented in two books (or books-based movies) that were written today and 50/100 years ago.
  18. Private space: is it normal for parents to rummage in their kids’ belongings?
  19. Pros and cons of telling children they were adopted.
  20. When generations come together: what do you love most about family reunions (or how do you imagine them?)

Social Problem Essay

  1. Paid paternity leave: should it be made available (together with paid maternity leave)?
  2. Gender pay gap and gender equality: what is achieved and what is still to be achieved?
  3. Food deserts: what are they and how to solve the problem?
  4. Drugs and Drug Addicts: what other countries do and do not do to fix the issue.
  5. Treatment instead of incarceration for drug addicts: is this approach plausible?
  6. Capitalism and community well-being: are they compatible?
  7. Far-reaching consequences of parental unemployment.
  8. Healthcare in the USA and Canada: comparison and opinions.
  9. Should the USA continue its role of global security agent?
  10. Is the military a good career choice?
  11. Immigration: pros and cons of letting all willing immigrants in.
  12. Gun violence: what can be done about it without limiting the basic right to self-defense?
  13. Excessive police brutality: a hoax or grim reality?
  14. Should trade unions get more powerful and active in order to improve conditions of people in low-pay jobs?
  15. Should security net be further dismantled or strengthened?
  16. Are young celebrities proper role models for teens?
  17. TV vs. Internet: are they that different in their impact on people?
  18. Babysitters, daycare and kindergartens: the best solutions for working families.
  19. Should the USA implement more supportive policies for families with small children?
  20. Should all textbooks and fiction books be made free for students via their university and college libraries?

Business Essay

  1. Social responsibility of business.
  2. Employee motivation tricks beyond money.
  3. Daycare for employees’ kids: defending the case.
  4. Ecological implications of doing business.
  5. Diversity is good for business profitability.
  6. Scaling down on meetings: how to make them few and brief.
  7. Emails as main distractors: how to use them properly and beneficially.
  8. Online vs. offline business: what is more profitable today?
  9. Open space offices should be banned in favor of enclosed sound-proof spaces.
  10. How to improve company’s policies towards employees by assessing reasons of high turnover.
  11. Affirmative actions and positive discrimination: enough, too little or too much?
  12. How self-assumed objectivity of managers creates actual biases and how to tackle the problem.
  13. Performance evaluation: do unified rules fit all?
  14. Unacceptable motivation/punishment practices across companies: mistakes to avoid.
  15. Harassment in workplace: stronger prevention/intervention policies are needed.
  16. Can leadership be learned?
  17. How 6 leadership styles affect employees and when each style is beneficial.
  18. Jobs with payment below minimal wage: how is it possible?
  19. Questions to be avoided when interviewing job applicants.
  20. Is labor exploitation the only way to make profits?

The Internet and Social Media

  1. Facebook data collection scandal and the future of social media.
  2. Things to do and not to do to protect personal data and security online.
  3. Is Internet making people disconnected and lonely?
  4. Kids and gadgets: when is it safe to make them meet each other?
  5. Inventors of social media do not let their kids use these media. Should they change policies so that to enforce these rules on all kids?
  6. Benefits of social media and Internet platforms.
  7. Cyberbullying and social media: interdependence and possible remedies.
  8. Communications from authorities via social media during emergencies: good or bad thing?
  9. Aggression in social media: how anonymity and distance encourage aggressive behavior.
  10. Ask your parents or older siblings to describe life before advent of social media and compare it to the current state of affairs: what are the most striking changes?
  11. Cryptocurrency: the future or the bubble?
  12. Imagine you are invited to sit in the Senate when Mark Zuckerberg is being questioned by Senators. What questions will you ask and what changes to Facebook will you demand?
  13. Should parents spy on their kids using smartphone apps? What are cases when this behavior is acceptable?
  14. Business and advertising in social media and messengers: when is it too much?
  15. What is the most distracting feature of social media that keeps you hooked? Would you ask the company to change it?
  16. Social media in workplace: is this distraction that bad?
  17. Fashion trends being promoted via social media: are they contributing to fast fashion and overconsumption problems?
  18. Social media, imagined lives and anxiety: connections and possible remedies.
  19. How filtered and brushed InstaFace makes people seek plastic surgery.

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