100 Perfect Ideas For Research Paper Topics in 2020

100 Perfect Ideas For Research Paper Topics in 2020

All students periodically face the need to write a research paper. From one side, it is pretty interesting, because you receive an opportunity to share your ideas, think on different topics and develop your mindset. But from another side, writing usually doesn’t seem a simple task.

You definitely shouldn’t worry, because the most challenging part of writing a research paper – is to start. After the first sentence, the following seems a lot easier. It won’t take off a lot of time if your imagination is working. 

Writing a comprehensive research paper, you need to plan this process. The first step is to define the topic of your essay. After that think about the pros and cons of the theme discussed. Make sure you have enough data to tell about it from all sides. Then you can write your own opinion and make some conclusions. You’ll find all the following stages pretty easy if you’ll choose an appropriate research paper topic. So, let us help you with that task.

How to select the best research paper topic?

Your paper should be creative and informative. Think about your readers, how you can grab and keep their attention. Let us provide you with some theory.

Firstly, you should consider that there are 3 essential types of research papers: 

  1. Descriptive – it means you should describe some topic, trait, subject, historical moment, etc. Try to reveal important aspects, some non-obvious patterns, look at the problem from a different angle.
  2. Causal – the main task of this paper is to investigate something. While writing, you will work with different variables and look for a causal relationship between them.
  3. Comparative – you need to choose 2 or more entities and to look into their similarities and differences.

If you don’t have a specific assignment from a teacher, consider which of these three options is closer to you. Now you need to find a category. It is simply because there is a list of themes everyone is interested in. Speak about health, government, education, modern technologies, and so on.

How to write the best research paper? Choose a topic! You would never write a masterpiece if your topic is boring or outdated or something else. But sometimes all of us don’t have enough inspiration. There are several useful tips that will help you find the one:

  • Write about something you’re interested in. It may be considered cheating, but it is much easier to write if you like your topic. And it will provide you with additional motivation for in-depth research. Besides, readers always feel the author’s presence and you can share your interest with them.
  • Study your teacher’s guidelines. You can combine your creative mindset with educational requirements. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have unlimited freedom for your writing because some borders still exist. But if you want your paper to be intriguing and provoking, you can choose an appropriate topic. Make sure it is relevant and meets all requirements.
  • Find information. Sometimes we feel inspired by new ideas, but, delving into the topic, one has to be disappointed. You can’t write a good paper without enough verified sources, comparing different opinions and compelling arguments. That’s why if you choose a specific or very specialized topic, you will not find enough information. Of course, this makes your task pretty interesting, but harder at the same time. So make a pre-research before writing to make sure you can cope with that. Such research will also help you to make your paper clearer and organized. Write down the main thesis of the studied information, and focus on them while writing. 
  • Be creative. It is not necessary if your task is to write a historical paper. It is pretty hard to be innovative when you need to discuss the Second World War or the French revolution. However, this approach will highlight you among other students and give you the edge. Consider the different and intriguing perspectives of a topic. Don’t rely on a deep investigation and standard requirements only, think what can you bring to the table and leverage all the creativity you have. 

We’ve prepared a list of 100 topics research paper. If you need a piece of inspiration, you can use them and our tips. 

Research Paper Topics by Category


  1. What is special in the art of the Renaissance and how to distinguish it from other similar movements?
  2. How did your favorite artist effect on the development of art?
  3. Why is rap music so popular today?
  4. Why does anti-Semitism still exist?
  5. How did YouTube change the world?
  6. What important topics does contemporary art touch upon?
  7. The best museums in the world and their expositions
  8. What do western and eastern cultures have in common?
  9. Is it important to understand art?
  10. Should the basics of art be included in the school curriculum?


  1. Higher education should be paid: pros and cons
  2. Does the level of education meet market needs?
  3. Why is a university not needed for success?
  4. How to help a student become the next Steve Jobs?
  5. The main problems of education in the country
  6. Do school students need sex education?
  7. Comparison of education systems in different countries
  8. The most important lesson the school has given
  9. Should a teacher intervene in parenting?
  10. Should the state fully finance the education sector?


  1. Cons of insurance medicine
  2. Medicine: business or vocation?
  3. Why not be afraid of GMOs
  4. Should children without vaccinations study separately?
  5. Key challenges for the healthcare industry
  6. Should medicine be cheaper?
  7. How to stay healthy with our rhythm of life?
  8. How to lose weight without fasting?
  9. Is it true that athletes have good health?
  10. How does stress harm health?


  1. If you choose a religion, which one?
  2. Why do most religions advocate cruelty?
  3. Should people follow religious dogma?
  4. How churches became architectural masterpieces
  5. How to become a Buddha from Siddhartha
  6. Do we need to study religion at school?
  7. Does religion limit freedom?
  8. Why do conflicts arise between adherents of different religions?
  9. The influence of religion on culture
  10. What do atheists believe?


  1. The effects of global warming
  2. What will the eco-trend lead to?
  3. Is humanity ready to conquer space?
  4. What if aliens exist?
  5. How can each of us affect the climate?
  6. Is a complete rejection of plastic possible?
  7. What to do with stray animals?
  8. Why do they overeat in some countries and starve in others?
  9. Are we no longer a green planet?
  10. Moving to Mars: the pros and cons

Technologies of the XXI century

  1. Life without smartphones: how it was
  2. What will happen when the Internet disappears?
  3. Can children use gadgets?
  4. What technique will outperform Apple?
  5. The negative impact of social media
  6. What the Internet teaches us
  7. Professions of the future
  8. What program would you create?
  9. When will virtual life replace the real one?
  10.  Is it possible to make friends by chatting online?


  1. How to raise a good child in the age of computer games?
  2. Have films really begun to supplant books?
  3. Should some television programs be banned?
  4. How did movie superheroes become real heroes for youth?
  5. What superpower would you like to have?
  6. Leisure options in the 21st century
  7. Home theater: pros and cons
  8. How can parents have fun with their children?
  9. Why is the entertainment industry attracting so much investment?
  10. Pros and cons of legal casinos


  1. How to create your startup and not fail
  2. Secrets of a successful business plan
  3. Do we need to teach children financial literacy?
  4. Should children work?
  5. How to buy an apartment up to 30 years old
  6. Better to work alone or as a team?
  7. What is brainstorming and why do you need it
  8. Work 4 hours a day: the pros and cons
  9. Why passive income is needed
  10. Key challenges of young entrepreneurs

World Politics

  1. Which politicians are changing the world today?
  2. The difference between right and left political parties
  3. Is there an ideal political regime?
  4. When will North and South Korea unite?
  5. Why can’t the world become a single country?
  6. Why is there a monarchy in the 21st century?
  7. What is the reason for the popularity of political dictators?
  8. What law will you adopt if you become president?
  9. How to win the election race
  10. Is it necessary to make people vote?


  1. Why do we repeat parental behavior?
  2. Is it true that everyone needs a therapist?
  3. Why is depression a dangerous disease?
  4. Are gender differences in relationships relevant?
  5. Do you agree that the institution of the family is out of date?
  6. How to raise a child psychologically healthy?
  7. Why is the whole spectrum of emotions important?
  8. How to get rid of anxiety?
  9. Where do the complexes come from?
  10. Does training help build self-confidence?

These 100 topics can become a solid foundation for your research paper. You can focus on them when choosing a topic for a research paper. And if you don’t feel confident in writing, rely on us, and we will prepare a good paper for you.

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