What is Biology Research?

What is Biology Research?

Biology is serious science, which interests people all over the world. Studying it, students always dream of becoming scientists, discovering new bacteria and cures, and greatly contributing to the field.

However, before that happens, they will need to write biology research paper multiple times and study various fields and subjects.

This type of assignment is very challenging and time-consuming because it requires a careful and detailed study and analysis of a specific topic. Students often ask themselves where to search for relevant information, where to begin and how to edit a paper properly.

These are only the main questions, which you have to ask yourself any time a research paper is assigned. However, the most important and significant issue is where to look for inspiration and good research paper topics.

In this article we have collected biology topics in multiple categories, so you can just choose the one you like and start working on the paper!

Abortion, Cloning

  1. Society and law perspectives on abortion in the United States;
  2. Relation of abortion to feminism;
  3. Biological background of abortions;
  4. Possibilities of transplantation and cloning;
  5. Types of cloning;
  6. Structure of DNA and genetic disorders;
  7. History of cloning;
  8. Moral aspects of cloning;
  9. How cloning may influence medicine;
  10. What do we know about modified organisms?

Genetic Research

Writing research on genetics is always filled with fun and challenges, so here are some of the winning topics that may simplify your life.

  1. Genetic reasons for obesity;
  2. Is homosexuality based on genetics?
  3. How addictive elements influence our genes;
  4. Genes of depression;
  5. Are modified foods really safe?
  6. Benefits of transgenic crops;
  7. Factors, which contribute to genetic mutations;
  8. Is consent of a donor needed for organ transplantation?
  9. Transplantation ethics;
  10. Public opinion on genetically modified foods.

Ecology Concerning

  1. Influence of ecological factors on the behavior of animals;
  2. Relationships between microorganisms and the environment they live in;
  3. Influence of our behavior on animals;
  4. Protection of rare species;
  5. How to protect wildlife;
  6. Why is the extinction of rain forests so dangerous?
  7. What are the links between the extinction of tropical forests and food industry?
  8. Is global warming a threat?
  9. Animal resistance: its development and mechanisms;
  10. How plants and animals respond to environmental changes.


  1. Is cooperation between organisms a unique environment for virus evolution?
  2. Repurposing of drugs for new and efficient antivirals;
  3. Newly discovered viruses in Asia;
  4. How to quantify virus and monoclonal antibodies?
  5. Retroviruses;
  6. Influenza viruses;
  7. Research of next-generation viruses: perspectives and obstacles;
  8. Structural biology in virus research;
  9. History of virology;
  10. Impact of virology on other disciplines.


Biology research in this category is full of interesting topics and subjects. Here are only some of them:

  1. Orientation models and visual cortex;
  2. Robotic technologies and neuroscience;
  3. The basis of visual-motor coordination;
  4. How music influences our brain;
  5. Memory and brain;
  6. Capabilities of our brain to repair itself;
  7. Is it possible for gun bacteria to cause depression?
  8. Causes of migraine;
  9. Genetic background of schizophrenia;
  10. Links between anxiety and gut bacteria.

Write My Biology Research

Human behavior, genetics, neurobiology, and ecology are only some of the most popular biology subjects, which occupy minds of millions of people around the world. Every day new viruses and bacteria are found, more diseases are cured, and new brain connections are established.

This makes biology one of the most vibrant and fast-moving disciplines, and it is always great fun to explore it. If you were assigned a research paper in biology, there is no need to panic, as we are here to tell you how to make it perfect.

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