Social Issues in Modern Society

Social Issues in Modern Society

Social issue essay is a very challenging and arguable task. That is why you will surely be asked to write a few of them during your high school or college years.

We make up different social groups and constantly participate in social events, so all of the trends and social changes automatically influence our lives and thoughts. This means that you will definitely have to write one of such essays throughout your education and explain your own vision of different social aspects.

For the past 50 years, social issues have changed at an enormous speed, causing lots of discussions, debates, and even wars. Some of them are migration, terrorism, politics, and gender. All of these issues have a direct impact on our personalities and life, so it is very important to discuss these topics both at school and college.

When you write an essay or any other written assignment, you make another step towards becoming a part of the society and community. That is why it is so important to be aware of social trends and changes, making up your own opinion about them.

Many youngsters are so engaged in the online world that they don’t pay attention to the things that happen around them. That makes social life one of the best things to discuss and to increase awareness of the society.

How to Write an Essay on Social Issue?

Your teacher or tutor will surely ask you to write one of such essays, and you will need to find proper subject social studies according to your own tastes. Such tasks are a great chance for teens and adults to express a personal opinion about the most popular and important topics, which stir the interest and attention of modern society.

Remember that your classroom is a place, where you can talk freely about how you feel and think without fear of being evaluated or judged. That is why you shouldn’t waste such a great opportunity!

To write a great essay, we have made a list of the best tips. Just follow them and enjoy the writing process!

  1. Wisely choose a topic

Experienced writers know that selecting a relevant, catchy and engaging topic is already half of success. Especially when it comes to social issues. That is why it is so important to devote enough time and energy to selecting a topic for your essay.

It should not only keep the reader interested but also stir discussion and even arguments because through debates you can enrich your knowledge and learn more!

The topic should be easily researchable because you won’t be able to write a great essay if there is not much available information online. Once you have come up with a topic, reach your teacher to make sure that the chosen issue is acceptable and can be discussed in your classroom.

Another useful tip is to follow hashtags on the discussed issue. In such a way you will get information on the latest news and trends in media and social networks. Don’t neglect TV news, because they are an additional source of information and will help you to understand what is happening across the world and how these events influence life in the US.

  1. Devote enough time to properly research

Always search for sources that are reliable and proved by academic articles and books. You will later need to cite them and provide a list of references. Without that list, your opinion will be nothing, and you won’t get a high grade.

Unfortunately, many students simply cite words of online users but where is the guarantee that such words are reliable? Moreover, the media world is tightly connected to politics, so there is a chance that information may be false.

That is why it is so important to stick to academic sources in libraries, both online and offline ones.

  1. Give examples

Make sure you include credible cases to your paper. Use such examples to back your own opinion and make sure that those examples are relevant and new.

  1. Always proofread and edit your essay

Once it is ready, don’t rush to send it to your tutor. You need to be sure that the paper doesn’t contain mistakes and follows a clear structure.

Start with checking grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. They can change the meaning of your text, easily confusing the reader. If you doubt whether you can conduct this stage on your own, ask your friends or relatives to give the essay a fresh look.

List of Social Issue Topics

There are multiple studies topics when it comes to social issues. That makes the process of choosing an issue quite simple: stick to the assigned category and then select a theme, which makes your heart beat a little bit faster. Below are some of the best topics you will ever find!

Migration and immigration

  1. What influence British Diaspora has on United States life?
  2. Refugees in different parts of the world;
  3. Is a wall between the US and Mexico really necessary?
  4. Palestinians in Jordan;
  5. What is forced migration?
  6. Historical background of African immigration;
  7. Peculiarities of illegal immigration;
  8. What causes the deportation of refugees?
  9. How to simplify the lives of immigrants in the US?
  10. Illegal immigrants across Europe.


  1. The most common stereotypes of modern society;
  2. Effects of racial profiling;
  3. What is sports discrimination?
  4. Speeches of hatred on social platforms;
  5. Segregation in America;
  6. A privilege of white in media;
  7. Discrimination in Asia;
  8. Issues of workplace discrimination;
  9. Factors of discrimination of gay people;
  10. What is reverse discrimination?


  1. Influence of political decisions on domestic violence;
  2. Violence on ethnical backgrounds;
  3. Violence in movies;
  4. Promoting rape;
  5. How to deal with bullying in social media?
  6. The aggression of teenagers;
  7. Abuse among athletes;
  8. Prevention of child abuse;
  9. Violence and gangs across the US;
  10. Gun control.


Although political essays may be quite difficult at first, you can always watch the news and read articles online to come up with an interesting topic.

  1. Judicial independence;
  2. Political culture in the modern world;
  3. Democracy models: a comparison;
  4. What electoral systems exist?
  5. Totalitarianism against authoritarianism;
  6. Civil problems in the US;
  7. Can Russia be considered a common threat?
  8. Is it possible to make elections transparent?
  9. A world leader you admire the most;
  10. How to make politics work?


  1. Taliban women;
  2. Picture of African women through African culture;
  3. Confucian cultures and women in Korea;
  4. Witch hunting in the West;
  5. Influence of feminism on the modern world;
  6. Challenge of biblical interpretation of feminism;
  7. Gender identity;
  8. Are styles of leadership different according to gender?
  9. Peculiarities of word of mouth interaction of both genders;
  10. Are men and women as equal as the modern society wants to think?


  1. Political terrorism;
  2. Global anti-terrorism policy;
  3. What is non-political terrorism?
  4. Problems of domestic terrorism;
  5. What terrorist groups exist?
  6. Sponsored terrorism: who, where, why?
  7. Terrorism tactics;
  8. Terrorism history;
  9. Causes of terrorism;
  10. The problems of terrorism in a democratic world.

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